Solar Panel Cleaning

Water Fed pole cleaning process used by Next Level Janitorial Service. Window & Solar Panel Cleaning

Big Investments Deserve Proper Care

The first solar cell was created in 1883.  We've come a long way since then.  Solar panels aren't just good for the environment by reducing our carbon footprint.  They are a great way to save money as long as they are properly maintained.  Solar panels are big investment so having the proper care makes perfect sense.  The average solar panel loses up to 1% efficiency per year.  Also a solar panel that isn't maintained properly could lose between 20% to 25% efficiency due to dirt & debris.

Pure Water Process Equals Green Clean Solution  

  • When it comes to cleaning solar panels I don’t suggest using plain tap water, it may contain undesirable contaminants like toxic metal, salts, hormones and pesticides, or it may become contaminated by chemicals or microbes within pipes.  Next Level Janitorial Service uses a deionized water system (Pure Water) with a nylon/boars hair brush to give you a spot free finish without harming the panels.  Solar panels should never be cleaned with a pressure washer it could result in cracked glass or anything abrasive that could cause rough spots in the glass.  I would recommended to have your solar panels serviced twice a year. 

When to Have Your Panels Serviced

  • Spring & Fall is a good time of year for your panels to receive some TLC. Spring you have a lot of pollen floating in the air and depending on the angle of your panel could cause pollen to puddle at the bottom of the panel. Then you have Fall which is a season with heavy bird activity and fallen leaves & debris.  But if your panels are in need of cleaning any time during the year Next Level Janitorial can assist you.  Exception would be below freezing temperatures. 

Safety First 

  • When it comes to safety Next Level Janitorial Service will arrive on site and whether it's home or office.  Next Level Janitorial Service is Insured & Bonded.  Also your technician is OSHA 30, Scissor Lift & Boom Reach Certified.